an introduction

I came up with this format of poetry over ten years ago. Not multivoicing itself, but the scoring of it. I was working on a mix of depressing poetry when I suddenly broke the verses up into voices, numbered each, and began re-writing the poem more like a musical score.

My work has moved from the expressive to the reflective, in particular, I now explore a sense of place. I've made available a work from each of this periods for download.

Two of my compositional poems are available for download below. They are available under a Creative Commons license. Basically, you can use these compositional poems with attribution without a fee for non-commercial use. You can also purchase all)Bitternessandapathy as a performance set (8 copies) in a coil binding.

And please contact me with any feedback, for any advice, or even if you want to write your own. I would love to workshop the process.

Shag Bay

Shag Bay is a small break in a low cliff that forms the Eastern Shore of the Derwent River opposite the zinc works in Hobart, Tasmania. These cliffs are known as the Walls of Bedlam after the first massacre by Settlers of People in their Country, the Mou-maire-mener near Risdon Cove. Two hundred years ago, on the Third of May, 1804.

Download PDF of Shag Bay

My poem Shag Bay explores this place through the many layered voices I heard while walking there.

Available as a performance set (8 copies) in a coil binding, so you can rip them out and give them to your readers. Available for hte cost of postage, as I have a few left. Contact me directly.


This was written towards the end of a lengthy twenty-something's depression. It was the first multi-voice compositional poem to be written (ever) (I think). Or at least scored in this way. I'd like to say writing it allowed me to bark back at the black dog, but it was a good five years more before that dog was gone.

PDF download of all)Bitternessandapathy

all)Bitternessandapathy is also available as a performance set (8 copies) in a coil binding, so you can rip them out and give them to your readers. I only have a few copies left so contact me directly to get one for the cost of postage.